Sunday, May 10, 2009

We rode today!

This was a very busy weekend. We had Alyssa's mom and dad in town for a visit and today we hosted Alyssa's 30th birthday brunch. After everyone left, Alyssa suggested that we go for a ride to work off some of the biscuits and gravy and other goodies I'd made for the brunch. Today was the first good weather day we've had in what seems like forever, so there was no reason to not go for it. Alyssa picked out route, which was to ride out by where I work and then a little bit beyond and back. It was only 8 miles, but at least I finally got on the bike.

I'll just be honest here: I was not enjoying myself for about the first 10 minutes of the ride. Alyssa was riding way ahead of me and I was getting frustrated that I was so far behind. I didn't have my sunglasses on, so I had things flying in my eyes. And, even though the temperature was right around 72 degrees, the wind was pretty harsh. I figured I was probably being a baby, but when we were got to where I work, I asked Alyssa if the wind was bad or if it was just me. Alyssa confirmed that the wind was, indeed, blowing pretty hard and that it was making the ride annoying. I trust her opinion because she rides her bike just about every day as part of her commute, even in the dead of winter, so I feel like I'm not as big of a pansy as I feared I might be. Once she confirmed that this wasn't a cake ride, my enjoyment level went up. I guess I'm a masochist.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention that two girls who appeared to be about 8 or 9 years old went flying by me on their pink and purple bikes with handlebar streamers. They didn't just go past me on pavement, either. No, they went screaming through the grass while I huffed and puffed up the slight incline of the street. Awesome.

The most entertaining sighting of the day was a woman painstakingly attaching Betty Boop stickers to the rear window of her car. Anytime I see something like that on a car, I just assume that the person driving it had to have bought it with that stuff on it. I mean, no one would willingly put those things on their car, right? Yeah, well, apparently they do.

So, Ride #1? Done.


  1. The part with the kids passing you was HUH-larious. Glad you had a good first ride!

  2. Damn kids, they have too much energy! I'm sure that a few weeks from now, you'll be flying past them. But maybe your ride would be more fun if your bike had some handlebar streamers. Just something to think about.