Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Another ride to work

I rode my bike to work again yesterday. I don't know what came over me.

It was a nice ride, too. The sun was out and the temperature was probably in the high 50s. Traffic was still fairly light because the semester is over at FCC, so there were still not a ton of cars on the road. It was definitely more trafficky than Friday had been, but I made it to work in about the same time.

Going home was not an ideal ride. I went a different route than I had taken home on Friday and it was a little scary. The road I was on is not in the best condition with lots of ripples in the road and slight potholes, so I was having to avoid that mess and not get hit by a car. At one point, I hit a ridge in the road pretty hard because a car drove by me really closely - probably intentionally - and I had no way to go around it. So I bumped it hard and my whole bike went a little cattywampus and my tire pump fell off. It made an awful clatter as it hit the road and I was convinced that I had lost some key component to my bike, like the chain or something. However, when I was able to keep on peddling and looked down to assess, I saw it was only the pump that was gone and I was relieved. I actually hauled ass the rest of the way home because I was so keyed up from having a close call with the car.

Alyssa and I are supposed to go on an organized ride tonight of about 12 miles. I'm feeling a little under the weather, but I'm hoping to rally to actually go on the ride. She assures me I'll be able to handle it, so I'm trusting her. I keep my expectations of my performance low, so I aim to not humiliate myself.

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  1. man! scary ride tonya! you are so brave! i think you should find that car who made you lose your tire pump and make them buy you a new one.