Wednesday, September 2, 2009

And the winners are...

As promised, we did a drawing for one of the limited edition Team Athena jerseys. After we did that, we realized we could give away even more of the swag to the very donors who made it possible for us to receive LIVESTRONG swag anyway.

Oh, and the pictures of the jersey are courtesy of the other half of Team Athena, Kim & Judy! Kim raised $1,125 and Judy raised $432! We didn't get to see them at all on race day - and I've actually never even met Judy - because we were in separate corrals, but they did the 10 mile ride and confirmed that even that was hilly. Whew! Here are Kim & Judy:

And here is the jersey:

The front

The back

Now, I should explain the story behind the jersey a bit. The mascot of Team Athena is our Greyhound, Bea. Greyhounds are lithe and athletic. For those that don't know, Athena is a classification in running/cycling/etc... that is for women who weigh over a certain amount, typically 150lbs or so. I am the only member of our team squarely in Athena territory. Nice to be the team's namesake. Anyway, we thought it would be funny to have a Greyhound as the mascot for our team. That, and we just love our dog. Bea is awesome.

Here's how we did the drawing: if you gave a donation to either Alyssa or myself, you got an entry in the drawing for every $5 you gave. So if you gave $5, you got one entry and if you gave $100 you got twenty entries. Then she put those numbers into and we drew numbers for each of the prizes we had.

The first drawing we did was for a 2009 LIVESTRONG Challenge water bottle. That went to Ray & Linda Crough!

The second drawing was for a 2009 LIVESTRONG Challenge T-shirt. That went to Sarah Patterson!

The third drawing was for a 2009 LIVESTRONG Challenge messenger bag. That went to Jeffrey & Melissa Schecter! In the interest of full disclosure, they are family, but they were still randomly chosen. Being family members doesn't help you, but it doesn't hurt you in the drawing, either!

The final drawing was for the jersey. This is the biggie! So the winner of the 2009 Philadelphia LIVESTRONG Challenge Team Athena jersey designed by Alyssa Boxhill is...


Kara is a former co-worker of mine at People For the American Way and I am sure she will put the jersey to good use.

We will get those goodies to you all as soon as we can. Congratulations!

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  1. You gals (and Bea) are too awesome. Way to share the love... and swag.