Monday, April 27, 2009

So it begins...

I always have such good intentions of getting a jump start on things in my life, but procrastination and general malaise usually win out. Alyssa and I had planned on starting our training months ago so I could be eased into riding, but here we are just a little less than four months out from the Challenge and I still haven't gotten on my bike. Yikes! Fortunately, our training plan is meant to get me century ready in three months, so you could say we're right on track, but considering I had intended to start back in January, I'm feeling a bit under the gun. Just as I produced my best work in college - ok, PASSABLE work - by pulling all-nighters, I'm hoping cramming for this ride will work out, too!

I started this as a way to keep friends and family members in the loop when it comes to our training situation. Alyssa and I both hope you'll come back to see how things are going and maybe offer us some support along the way!

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